Bring out your creativity and schedule with Renee. Beginning at Mystique in 2012, this nail technician has the passion for nails and pampering others. Get ready for cloud 9 and enjoy this perfectionist's upbeat personality and amazing designs.

Making her clients feel completely relaxed is what Mystique Edge provides and Renee loves being a part of that mission. The creativity her clients bring to her from Pinterest and other sites is the best to bring out her design talent.

Out and about, you will see this nail technician camping, running, and enjoying the outdoors. Fun fact: Renee has two different colored eyes (Blue from her mom & brown from her dad.)

“The best part about working [here]: many of our clients are on a mini vacation. I love getting to be a part of that, and honestly many times it's like a vacation for me, too. Many of my clients are regulars, so it's great connecting, building bonds and seeing my ‘friends' everyday at work.”